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  • Trench Cutting&Re-mixing Deep Wall Method Equipment


The World's Leading Manufacturer of Deep Foundation Construction Equipment. And we are a machinery manufacturer with a history of 100 years.

  • HM Series Hydraulic Hammer

    HM Series Hydraulic Hammer

    ps2.0下载H260M HM Series Hydraulic Hammer

  • TRD-60D/60E


    Trench Cutting&Re-mixing Deep Wall Equipment

  • JB180 Hydraulic Walking Piling Rig

    JB180 Hydraulic Walking Piling Rig

    JB series Hydraulic Walking Piling Rig

New Arrivals

SEMW built up a market-oriented system and dedicated to deep foundation equipment.


SEMW built up a market-oriented system and dedicated to deep foundation equipment. Our Research and Development team of qualified specialists and experienced engineers, working with the Institute of Building Mechanization—China Academy of Building Research; Shanghai University; Shanghai University of Engineering Science; and Shanghai Mechanical & Electrical Science & Technology Information Research Institute. With years of research and development, we have innovated and developed many powerful new types of equipment, such as TRD equipment, Casing Rotator CRD-200, Pre-bored pre-cast Piling Rig, Diesel Pile hammer D260, etc. Among these ten advanced types of equipment, eight of them are awarded the Shanghai Transformation of New and High-technology Achievement.

SEMW provides “Innovative products, professional team, excellent service” and a win-win strategy for our clients.

Feature Products

Our products are widely used in large engineering projects, such as expressways, skyscrapers, bridges, subway, airports, docks, power stations, etc.